Odumodublvck lyrics for “Declan Rice" have an "Alpha male” vibe, implying that he is intelligent enough to realize that he won't adhere to anyone's rules or ideals. He doesn't follow anyone's or society's rules in his daily life; instead, he lives by his own. 


It mentions his calculative nature and how he finds it amusing that some individuals think they are the smartest whereas everyone else is slow. His songwriting also focuses on how he organizes his life to ensure that he won't have to deal with as many difficulties. 


In other ways, the song implies that it is also about supporting one's siblings. We should always look out for others since, in large part, what happens to them also occurs to us. The way we help others say a lot about us. 


We should stop thinking that we are the smartest person in the room if we are making moves, since other people are undoubtedly making moves as well. 


He emphasizes the need of having plans and having it all sorted out to know how to handle himself and his profession. He thinks it humorous that, to some extent, people perceive him as someone who acts haphazardly.


This is followed by numerous pieces of uninvited advice from people who believe they are the wisest and so qualified to provide it. 


He is so confident that he will always come out on top, supporting everyone around him because “If dem wanna bounce person, it cannot be mine," he says. 


Another section of the song, however, shows that the song's main message is about remaining vigilant and standing your ground despite difficult circumstances. 


People shouldn't know that because it puts you in a vulnerable position where they can attack you with anything. He describes himself as someone who must beat his chest, stand up, and guard against any kind of physical or emotional assault against him for this reason.


Everyone is urged by this song to remain persistent, since people will constantly change.




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