Nektunez's latest single titled 'Anti-Social' featuring Jeremiah and Young Jonn is a captivating blend of contemporary R&B and African influences. The song's introspective lyrics express a desire for intimacy and seclusion, a longing to escape the noise of social gatherings and instead revel in the simple pleasures of being together. The chorus, with its repeated plea to be 'antisocial,' encapsulates the sentiment of wanting to prioritize a genuine connection over the distractions of a bustling world. 


Jeremiah's smooth vocals complement the reflective mood of the track, as he muses about finding someone who resembles a dreamlike figure. The collaboration with Young Jonn adds a vibrant Afrobeat flavor to the song, infusing it with energy and rhythm. 


The verses delve into the struggle of disconnection at parties, where attempts at engaging in conversation feel hollow. The verses' candid nature captures the internal conflict of desiring meaningful interaction while grappling with the pressures of socializing. 


Overall, 'Anti-Social' is a melodious exploration of yearning for authenticity in a hyper-connected world. Nektunez's production skills shine through, creating an atmosphere that is both emotionally resonant and sonically compelling. The song's catchy chorus and blend of different musical elements make it a potential hit that resonates with listeners seeking relatable themes wrapped in a contemporary musical package.


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