Nasty C's latest single titled “No More” is a powerful anthem that reflects the artist's personal growth and transformation. The lyrics capture his journey from a place of struggle and self-doubt to one of confidence and success. 


In the chorus, Nasty C boldly declares that he is no longer the person he used to be. He has shed the identity of a “bum ass nigga” and a quitter, rising above bitterness and negativity. He embraces his newfound self and refuses to look back. 


The post-chorus exudes a sense of victory and accomplishment. Nasty C describes his early morning hustle for money, enjoying luxury cars and wearing designer brands like Christian Dior. He proudly boasts about his ability to make the numbers grow, signifying his financial success.


In the first verse, Nasty C reflects on his past struggles, including being broke and unable to impress others with his living situation. However, he cleverly maneuvered his circumstances by presenting a friend's home as his own, seeking validation and acceptance. But now, he has surpassed those limitations and is unapologetically himself. 


The second verse showcases Nasty C's confidence and self-assurance. He celebrates his achievements, including an impressive passport filled with travel experiences. He dismisses those who underestimate him and emphasizes his resilience. Nasty C's music serves as a source of inspiration, providing solace for people in various situations, whether it's for motivation at work or solace during difficult times.



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