Majeed, the talented Nigerian artist, has just released his latest hit song titled “Waka Jeje,” featuring the renowned artist BNXN, formerly known as Buju. The song is a celebration of gratitude and determination, encapsulating the struggles and triumphs of Majeed's journey in the music industry. 


“Waka Jeje" opens with an expression of gratitude to the Almighty. Majeed acknowledges that despite the challenges he has faced, he remains resilient in his pursuit of success. The lyrics emphasize the need for hard work and perseverance, urging listeners to continue their double hustle. 


The collaboration with BNXN adds a unique flavor to the track. The artists' voices blend harmoniously, creating a captivating auditory experience. Majeed acknowledges that his talent is a divine gift, comparing his voice to a perfect sword, sharp and ready to make an impact. The song encourages individuals to ignore naysayers and focus on their craft, as Majeed has been honing his skills since his secondary school days. 


Throughout “Waka Jeje,” Majeed expresses his unwavering belief that his time will come. He vows to continue creating music until the end of time, and he is confident that his art will resonate with audiences. The lyrics reflect a disdain for frivolity, as Majeed's main focus is on success and financial stability. By proclaiming that money stops nonsense, he emphasizes the importance of financial independence and the freedom it brings.


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