M. I Abaga the renowned Nigerian rapper and songwriter, has recently released his new song titled “Plan B.” Through thought-provoking lyrics, he addresses various issues plaguing the country and expresses his desire for a better future. The song begins with a hopeful tone, as he yearns for positive change and envisions a President who genuinely cares for the people. 


M. I Abaga criticizes the current state of affairs in Nigeria, highlighting the hardships faced by its citizens. He questions the actions of leaders, contemplating whether their love for the country has diminished. He sheds light on the corruption within the government, with powerful imagery of generals stealing from the army and neglecting the soldiers who sacrifice their lives. 


The rapper emphasizes the need for a President who prioritizes the future and invests in infrastructure, rather than politicians who only seek personal gain. He bemoans the increasing cost of living, the lack of job opportunities for educated individuals, and the disregard shown by the government towards the people they represent. 


It also touches on the importance of honest governors who fulfil their promises and tackle pressing issues such as insecurity and terrorism. He challenges religious leaders to embody their teachings, urging them to support the people rather than seek personal wealth. 


The song captures the frustration felt by many Nigerians, highlighting the desire for a fresh start in a different country like the United States. He expresses his disillusionment with the current situation, emphasizing that change is necessary. 


“Plan B” is a powerful and impactful song that reflects the artist's passion for social commentary and his longing for a better Nigeria. The lyrics serve as a call to action, urging leaders to prioritize the people's welfare and work towards a brighter future.



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