Logos Olori, the latest sensation and Davido's new signee, has burst onto the music scene with a bang, presenting his debut track titled “Jaye lo.” 


The intro sets the stage for an electrifying experience, inviting listeners to tune in and immerse themselves in the world of the “king of sounds and blues.” 


In the first verse, Logos Olori confidently boasts about the riches that will make everyone bow down in admiration. With an air of regality, he proclaims that he is destined for greatness, and no one can match his status. The clever wordplay and confident delivery make it evident that he's ready to take on the world. 


The chorus is infectious and catchy, encouraging everyone to celebrate and live life to the fullest. Logos Olori clarifies it that he's here to enjoy life and revel in the success that money brings. The energetic vibe of the track invites the audience to join in the festivities and dance along. 


In the second verse, Logos Olori expresses gratitude for the blessings that have come his way. He references luxury brands like Valentino, emphasizing the opulence that he now enjoys. The mention of “OBO,” meaning “Omo Baba Olowo” (Child of a wealthy man), further reinforces his affiliation with Davido and the glamorous lifestyle associated with the music industry. 


The chorus repeats, further solidifying the message of living life to the fullest and not holding back from enjoying the fruits of success.


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