Nigerian musician, rapper, and reality television sensation Laycon gained notoriety after taking first place in the fifth season of Big Brother Naija in 2020. His music combines Afrobeat, Hip-hop, and pop influences, and his lyrics are based on his hardships and experiences. 


Lyrical skill is one of Laycon's strongest suits as a musician. His songs frequently address subjects like love, ambition, and social issues, demonstrating his skill at creating witty wordplay, metaphors, and narrative. 


The song's title, “shine,” gives the song's meaning away by suggesting that no one can dim his shine. Because he prays to his heavenly father and pursues his dreams, anything negative that anyone wants to him is returned to the sender, and regardless of what anyone does, they cannot dim his light. It is distinguished by earworm hooks and contagious beats that will get listeners moving. 


He stands out from many other Nigerian musicians with his use of live instrumentation and a variety of soundscapes, which gives his music a distinctive feel. Laycon's vocal style is smooth and assured, with a distinctive cadence that is easily recognized. He also demonstrates his adaptability by altering his delivery manner to fit the mood of each song. 


Overall, Laycon's music is a welcome addition to the Nigerian music market because it combines lyrical depth with a catchy sound that will appeal to both domestic and foreign admirers. Laycon is a musician to watch in Nigeria thanks to his unquestionable ability and expanding fan following.




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