Lady Donli's newly released track titled “My Ability” is an astonishing song that showcases her confidence and determination. With her captivating lyrics and catchy melodies, she challenges those who doubt her capabilities. 


She addresses the skeptics who question her ability, proudly proclaiming herself as a young woman with agility and emphasizing that she is the best they will ever see. Rolling with her crew, they are the MVPs, and Lady Donli proudly claims her status as a real bad woman with an LLB. 


The artist expresses her resilience in the face of adversity. She acknowledges that in life, unexpected things may happen, but she refuses to let that define her. Even if she speaks her mind, she knows people will criticize her for being outspoken, yet she embraces her authenticity and refuses to conform to societal expectations. 


Lady Donli radiates self-assurance and positivity throughout the track. She addresses those who may be envious of her success and achievements, asserting that she won't resort to violence but won't tolerate negative energy either. She chooses to live her life with love and dignity, uplifting others instead of tearing them down. 


Ultimately, “My Ability” is a celebration of Lady Donli's talents and determination. She asserts her capability, agility, and ability to rise above challenges, embracing her unique journey with love and dignity.



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