"Rich Till I Die" is a song by Nigerian singer and songwriter Kizz Daniel. The song was released in 2023, an affirmation to whirl the year. 


The song starts with a serene instrumental and kizz Daniel's soft voice, hallelu, hallelu, halleluh. The content of the message is easy and direct lyrics to understand for everyone. 


Throughout the song, Kizz Daniel emphasizes the importance of financial success and how he came to the world with nothing, suffering in the world and enjoying in heaven. 


Kizz Daniel's lyrics are accompanied by a good producer - Reward Beatz and co-produced by Blaise Beatz. It is an Afrobeat recorded by Tukio. The song features a mix of the African drum, catchy melodies, and electronic sounds that makes it a perfect dance floor anthem. 


The chorus of "Rich till I Die" is particularly memorable, with Kizz Daniel repeating it several times and is a positive statement for everyone to acclaim. 


In conclusion, "Rich Till I Die" is a high-energy song that showcases Kizz Daniel's talent as a singer and songwriter. It is an indication of the power of hard work and determination, and it is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever had a dream of making it big.


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