Jzyno's newly released song titled “Butta my bread” featuring Lasmid is a sensational hit that will have you grooving to its infectious beats. With it mesmerizing melody, this track is bound to become a favorite on the airwaves. 


In the song, Jzyno expresses his desire for love and affection, calling out to Nicki Minaj to give him her love. He yearns for her presence, asking her to “Butta my bread, sugar my tea” and “Gimme your coco.” The lyrics exude passion and longing, creating an atmosphere of intense desire. 


Jzyno assures his love interest that he will remain faithful, vowing not to carry another woman because he sees himself as a complete man with her by his side. He cherishes her deeply, with thoughts of her constantly on his mind. He likens her to a mythical creature, a Maame water, and asks her to do something nice for him. 


Lasmid's contribution to the song adds an extra layer of charm, praising his love interest and expressing gratitude for finding a queen who loves him unconditionally, regardless of his financial status. 


“Butta my bread” is a celebration of love, commitment, and devotion. Jzyno and Lasmid's collaboration brings out the best of their talents, creating a delightful musical experience that will leave listeners yearning for more.



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