Juls' newly released track titled “Terrified” featuring Ami Faku is a soulful and introspective piece that delves into the complexities of love and vulnerability. The song opens with a haunting instrumental, setting a melancholic tone for the emotional journey that follows. 


The captivating vocals take center stage as she sings, “Ndize kuwe, ndize ndize kuwe, kutheni ingath awuyazi, into oyfunayo” (I come to you, I come and come to you, why can't you understand what I desire?). Her voice carries a sense of longing and confusion, expressing the depths of her emotions. 


As the song progresses, she continues to pour her heart out, singing, “Umfana kini, undi justa ngamazwi, undiphuphisa meini, sendikbonile, my baby” (What is this boy, playing with my words, confusing me, I can't see clearly, my baby). The lyrics capture the vulnerability and uncertainty she feels in her relationship. 


The chorus is a powerful declaration of fear and hesitation: “Is it cause I'm terrified, I'm terrified, to make you my world.” These lines encapsulate the apprehension of fully committing to love due to experiences or the fear of getting hurt. 


The instrumental interludes throughout the song serve as a moment of introspection and reflection, allowing the listener to immerse themselves in the raw emotions conveyed by the music. 


“Terrified” is a captivating collaboration that showcases Juls' exceptional production skills and Ami Faku's soulful vocals. Together, they create a poignant and relatable experience that explores the universal theme of love and the fear that accompanies it.


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