In the rhythmic embrace of Joeboy's newly released track “Woman” featuring Oxlade, listeners are taken on a journey filled with desire and emotional turmoil. The melodic cadence, accompanied by the rich blend of their voices. 


The lyrics reveal the complexities of a relationship teetering on the edge. He attempts to understand his lover's intentions, questioning her words and actions that push him to his limits. The chorus, with its repetitive refrain of “Woman, woman, woman,” serves as both an anthem and a plea, emphasizing the power and enigma of the female presence in his life. 


Oxlade's voice adds a touch of African vibrancy, infusing the track with an energy. His verse narrates the struggle of a man caught on the web of an alluring but manipulative woman. He describes her relentless pursuit, how she seeks to control and consume him. The intensity builds as he expresses his bewilderment and frustration at the situation, questioning the meaning of this turbulent existence. 


Through poetic metaphors and clever wordplay, Joeboy and Oxlade magnetic pull keeps listeners enthralled, showcasing the artists' prowess. 


In “Woman,” Joeboy and Oxlade have crafted a compelling narrative, one that explores the intricate dynamics of love, power, and vulnerability. This collaboration on the “Body and Soul” album is a great craft work in their artistry.



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