“Operation Sweep” is the latest track by Falz, showcasing his unique blend of afrobeat and hip-hop rhythms. The song captures the vibrant energy of Lagos, the bustling Nigerian city, through its catchy lyrics and infectious beats. Falz, known for his socially conscious music, uses this track to depict the hustle and bustle of urban life. 


In the song's chorus, Falz invites listeners to join him in the city, evoking a sense of excitement and readiness. He refers to himself as “Emi l'omo to n so, to n so,” highlighting his presence and influence in the scene. The title “Operation Sweep” suggests a collective effort to act and make a mark. 


The verses of the song delve into the fast-paced nature of Lagos, where individuals are constantly on the move, making things happen. Falz describes the determination of young people (“Awon boys”) as they make their voices heard on the streets. The reference to “Awon girls” emphasizes the empowerment and assertiveness of women as they navigate the city's vibrant atmosphere. 


The repetition of the phrase “We don't sleep oh operation sweep” underscores the relentless nature of the pursuit of success in Lagos. Falz talks about a transformational journey, where the story has flipped, bodies have been rejuvenated, and minds have awakened to new possibilities. The song's upbeat rhythm and repetitive chorus create a sense of unity and determination among its listeners.


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