Eugy's latest song titled “Chosen” is a powerful track that delves into the artist's personal journey and growth. With his heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies, Eugy takes the listener on a reflective exploration of his experiences and aspirations. 


In the song, Eugy reminisces about the past when he was underestimated and called “F O B” (Fresh Off the Boat). However, he has now risen above those labels and established himself as a force to be reckoned with. He confidently asserts his presence with lines like “Now I step in fresh, they all know it's me”.


Eugy, touched on the themes of perseverance. He acknowledges the challenges he has faced and the fears he has overcome, emphasizing the importance of staying strong even in the face of adversity. He seeks solace and guidance in reading Psalms late at night, relying on his faith as a guiding force in his life. 


The song delves into the struggles of feeling broken and having a frozen heart. Eugy reflects on the pressures and temptations of life, urging listeners to break free from false promises and find their true purpose. He emphasizes the significance of looking inward and seeking a genuine connection with God, reminding us that He already knows our deepest secrets and desires.


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