Dr. Dolor, the prodigy of contagious melodies and enthralling words, has done it again with "Wetin I Go Like," his most recent album. The complex dynamics of attraction are thoroughly explored in this breathtaking new song, which also examines the inherent pull of a woman's figure. His candid discussion of the subject spellbinds his audience with an audacious touch of candor. 


In this engaging song, he bravely delves into the world of human desire, shedding light on a fact that is frequently kept silent. He admits the overwhelming allure males experience when they gaze upon a woman's alluring back and front curves and outlines with unreserved romanticism. 


If not the captivating attraction of a woman's physicality, what else is a guy expected to like? "Wetin I Go Like" challenges social norms and makes us consider a straightforward but important subject. He cleverly asks this rhetorical question, implicitly putting anyone who would dare to evaluate the sincerity of our goals to the test. 


His lyrics encourage us to recognise and appreciate our instinctual drives amid the catchy beats and contagious rhythm, opening a conversation about the complexities of human attraction. 


He skillfully balances being controversial and tasteful with each stanza, leaving his listeners with a lasting impression. 


Dr. Dolor's talent reminds us of the ability of music to explore difficult subjects and celebrate the variety of human wants as we dance to the pulsating rhythm of "Wetin I Go Like." His willingness to approach the topics in such a compelling way displays his skill as a songwriter and his capacity to enthrall listeners with his unadulterated voice.



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