Spyro and DJ Neptune worked together on the song “Count Your Blessings.” This optimistic and captivating song invites listeners to accept the beautiful things in their lives by celebrating life. The cheery words of the song exhort listeners to be grateful for even the smallest things. “Count Your Blessings,” produced by Colonel Tyemmy. It has an attractive tune and an upbeat tempo, which could lead to it becoming popular.



The song begins by encouraging the listener to “count your blessings,” and then it says there is no need to “farawe” or put off showing gratitude. While delivering the song's verses, Spyro's trademark enhance his soothing voice and alluring melodies. The song's message of gratitude and appreciation emphasizes the line “count your blessings”. 


The song exhorts listeners to ignore their worries and concentrate on the positive aspects of their lives. The song encourages partying and dancing, while also reminding listeners that it's okay to be happy and enjoy life. 


The lively and captivating song “Count Your Blessings” inspires listeners to express gratitude for the positive aspects of their lives. Spyro and DJ Neptune have worked together on a track that is sure to thrill fans of The genre of Afro and Nigerian entertainment. 


They are well-liked by fans of afrobeat and afropop music because of the enticing hooks, contagious rhythms, and groovy beats that frequently appear in their collaborations. Their fans are drawn to their music because of its pro-life and uplifting sentiments.



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