Dasmart's “Party” is a groovy track that sets the stage for a night of non-stop celebration. In his signature style, Dasmart brings the heat with lyrics and beats that will make you move. 


As the track begins, the rhythm takes hold, and Dasmart introduces himself with confidence. “Call me dasmart yahhhh,” he declares, setting the tone for what's to come. The energy of the song is undeniable as he chants, “Da dodo, Da dodo, Da dada do.” 


Dasmart's lyrics reflect the essence of a party theme. He emphasizes the importance of having money to fully enjoy the festivities, urging those who are financially challenged to stay away. “If you no get money, Dakun malo party. If you want to party, Dakun malo fara weywa o.”

His lyrics also touch on the social dynamics of party culture. He acknowledges that not all parties are worth attending and advises being selective. “Gbogbo ibi tanba ti invite eh ko loma lo. Walahi, No be all party you go deh show face o.” 


As the track progresses, Dasmart delivers clever wordplay and references to the thrill of nightlife, money, and the art of giving. His energetic delivery and catchy flow keep the momentum going, ensuring that the party never stops. 


Dasmart's “Party” is a track on the “No Space At Home” EP, delivering a frictional experience that will have you dancing from start to finish.



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