Bella Shmurda's latest track, “In Charge,” featured in the DnD album, is a testament to the artist's rising prominence and creative prowess in the music industry. With a unique blend of captivating lyrics and infectious beats, the song has quickly become a fan favorite and showcases Bella's exceptional talent. 


The opening lines, “I still dey fresh like I’m wizzy, I’m still free-styling like I’m Dandizzy,” demonstrate Bella's confidence and self-assurance. He compares himself to industry giants like Wizkid and Dandizzy, indicating that he is on their level and ready to take on the world. 


Throughout the song, Bella exudes an aura of authority and success, asserting his position as a dominant figure in the music scene, stating, “Ay I’m still in charge, I be their daddy.” This bold statement reinforces his commanding presence and unyielding control over his craft. 


The catchy chorus further reinforces Bella's triumphs, declaring that he is “getting funds” and “getting money,” setting himself apart from other artists in the game. He confidently asserts that his competitors cannot match his level of success, emphasizing, “Your favorite singer no fit to pami.” 


Despite the challenges that life may present, Bella Shmurda remains resilient and focused on his goals. He acknowledges that life is not easy, and others may try to distract him, but he remains undeterred, “O zagadat, life e no easy, some still dey press looking for sisi, I fit no pick, abeg I’m busy.” 


The song's chorus and verses are delivered with Bella's signature style, and his distinct voice carries a magnetic energy that resonates with listeners. “In Charge” is a bold and compelling track that showcases Bella Shmurda's undeniable talent and reaffirms his position as a rising star in the music industry.



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