Barry Jhay, the talented Nigerian artist, has once again with his newly released song titled “My Father, My Father.” With heartfelt lyrics and a melody, the track showcases Barry Jhay's unique musical style and emotional depth. 


The song begins with a series of energetic “huh, huh, huh” adlibs, setting the tone for the message that follows. Barry Jhay's voice resonates with authenticity as he proclaims, “I don't false it, I just take it spiritly.” This line reflects his commitment to staying true to himself and acknowledging the divine presence in his life. He knows that his father, a reference to God, is always by his side, providing guidance and support. 


The chorus of the song is particularly striking, with Barry Jhay pouring his heart out in gratitude and praise. “My father, my father, Olorun ti kokin yii" (My father, my father, the one who created this world) he sings, recognizing the divine power that governs the universe. He acknowledges that it is by God's grace that he can thrive and succeed. The lyrics continue, “Owo re lowa, Iwo ni ko nii mo gbe ke mi le o” (Your hands are full, it is you who lifts me up), conveying a deep sense of dependence and trust in the divine. 


Barry Jhay's “My Father, My Father” is a heartfelt song that resonates with listeners. In its powerful lyrics and infectious melody, the song serves as a reminder of the importance of faith and gratitude in navigating life's journey. 


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