Ashidapo's newly released song “Olofar” is an energetic track that showcases his unique musical style. The lyrics take listeners on a journey filled with catchy melodies and rhythmic beats, making it an instant hit among fans. 


The song begins with an intriguing intro, setting the stage for what's to come. Ashidapo introduces himself as a “new man in a new skin in a new body,” indicating a transformation and growth in his artistic journey. He playfully references the advancement of technology by stating that his network has turned into 5G, symbolizing his progress and evolution. 


Ashidapo's confident and expressive delivery shines through as he sings about leaving behind those who didn't believe in him. He emphasizes his newfound success and the recognition he has garnered, proclaiming that he now has many admirers and sugar daddies willing to shower him with gifts. However, he clarifies it that his past detractors, including the titular unknown person, will not receive his attention. 


Ashidapo wonders where people coming were when he faced difficulties in life, suggesting that this person was absent during his struggles. He reflects on the times when this individual didn't pay attention to him, comparing his fragrance to camphor, implying that he exudes a captivating presence.



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