Angella's newly released song titled “Blessing” is a powerful and uplifting anthem that reflects her personal journey and gratitude for the blessings in her life. The lyrics convey her determination to overcome obstacles and the transformative power of faith. 


In the song, Angella acknowledges that music was once just a dream for her, but she refused to let it remain unfulfilled. She recounts the challenges she faced, running away from poverty and tirelessly working to establish herself in the music industry. Joining the army metaphorically, she aimed to be strong and rise above the hardships. 


Despite encountering setbacks and criticism, Angella remains grateful for the support she received from those who believed in her. She vows not to become selfish or ungrateful, recognizing that true peace lies in expressing gratitude to God. 


The lyrics also touch upon the theme of love and relationships, cautioning against the destructive power they can possess. Angella emphasizes the importance of wisdom and perseverance to navigate through heartache and continue moving forward. 


Overall, “Blessing” is a testament to Angella's resilience, faith, and appreciation for the blessings that have come her way. It inspires listeners to embrace gratitude, overcome challenges, and rely on the mercy of God. 


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