“Sumu” is a captivating song by Alikiba featuring Marioo that combines Afro-pop and Bongo Flava styles to create an infectious and rhythmic experience. The lyrics, although simple, convey a message of betrayal and deceit in relationships. 


The song begins with the repetition of “Mke wa mtu tutututu sumu" and “Mume wa mtu tutututu sumu,” which translates to “Someone's wife, poison” and “Someone's husband, poison” respectively. These lines set the tone for the song, highlighting the toxic nature of being involved with someone who is already committed to someone else. 


As the song progresses, the artists express their frustration and annoyance with such individuals. The lines “Unakera, Noma sana" convey their exasperation, while the phrase "Kula bata" suggests that the unfaithful partner enjoys a life of luxury without fulfilling their obligations. 


The song also touches upon the theme of financial dishonesty. Alikiba sings, “Mi nnachojua pesa karatasi,” meaning “All I know is paper money.” This line submits that money plays a significant role in the relationships depicted in the song, and those who promised to fulfill their financial obligations have failed to do so. 


Despite the themes of betrayal and deceit, the song also contains elements of hope and resilience. The repeated lines “Sisi So Milima Tutakutana, Sisi people tutaonana" convey the idea that the protagonists will eventually overcome their challenges and meet again. 


Overall, “Sumu” is a catchy and energetic song that explores the complexities of relationships and the consequences of unfaithfulness. 


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