Alikiba, born Ali Saleh Kiba, is a renowned Tanzanian singer, songwriter, and actor. With his soulful voice and charismatic presence, Alikiba has captivated audiences across Africa and beyond. Often referred to as the “King of Bongo Flava,” he has consistently delivered hit songs that blend traditional Tanzanian sounds with modern elements, making him one of the most influential artists in the East African music scene. 


His latest release, “On Fire,” ignites a fiery passion that envelops the hearts of listeners. With his velvety vocals and heartfelt lyrics, he takes us on a sonic journey through the flames of desire and romance. The mellifluous melody intertwines with his mesmerizing voice, creating a symphony of emotions that dances delicately between passion and vulnerability. 


The lyrical prowess shines through in every verse, as he effortlessly weaves poetic words to express the depths of his affection. Supported by a lush production that seamlessly blends traditional African beats with contemporary elements, “On Fire” exudes an irresistible allure. The rhythmic percussion and infectious hooks fuel the song's energy, while his vocal delivery infiltrates it with raw emotion and authenticity. 


In a world craving genuine connections and heartfelt expressions, Alikiba's “On Fire” is a love song that establishes the hearts of all who listen, reminding us of the timeless power of love and music.




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