Terseer Waya, popularly known as Kiddwaya from the Big Brother Naija reality show, recently shared a picture on X (formerly Twitter) with American singer and adult star Rubi Rose. Alongside the photo, Kiddwaya mentioned that Rubi Rose is cuter than all his previous girlfriends. This statement stirred up mixed reactions among fans.

In his tweet, Kiddwaya wrote that Rubi Rose outshines all his ex-girlfriends in terms of cuteness. This sparked a debate among fans, with some disagreeing, suggesting that Erica Nlewdim, a Nigerian actress and Kiddwaya's former partner from the BBNaija Lockdown Season in 2020, is more attractive than his claim.

This isn't the first time Kiddwaya's relationships have sparked public discussions. Earlier, Kiddwaya's fiancée, Laura, unfollowed him on Instagram after he openly admitted to kissing Mercy during the recently concluded BBNaija All Stars show.

Kiddwaya's statement about Rubi Rose being cuter than his previous partners caused a stir among fans, who engaged in varied opinions about the comparison. Some defended his view, while others felt that Erica, his past romantic interest, held the upper hand in terms of beauty.

The dynamics of public figures' relationships often draw significant attention and debate on social media, especially when contrasting perceptions about the attractiveness of individuals come into play. Kiddwaya's comment triggered discussions and raised differing opinions among fans, showcasing the diverse perspectives held by followers of the reality TV star's personal life.


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