After the EU mandated the change, Apple has announced that the new iPhone would not include its exclusive Lightning charging port.
The tech giant claimed that a USB-C connector would be the "universally accepted standard" for the iPhone 15, which was announced at its annual presentation on Tuesday.
Additionally, a new Apple Watch series with an improved chip was announced.
However, one analyst claimed that some people might be let down by Apple's absence of "headline-grabbing" improvements this year.
Given the sophistication of the iPhone and Watch, Ben Wood from CCS Insight remarked, "It isn't a surprise."

It demonstrates how well-rounded the iPhone and Watch are, as well as how challenging it has become to release truly disruptive changes each year.
For £29 ($36), Apple sold a USB-C to lightning port adaptor. The solution allows users to use their existing lightning port accessories with their new USB-C iPhones or iPads.
The newest iPhone model, which goes on sale the next week, is the first to include an additional charging port since 2012.

The company announced that its new AirPods Pro and corded EarPods headphones will function with the USB-C connector, which is already compatible with many Apple computers and iPads.
The EU had instructed the tech giant to give up its exclusive charging connections in order to simplify life for customers, save them money, and promote charger reuse in order to lessen e-waste.
However, some fear that in the years to come, the change may result in an increase of wires being thrown away.
Perhaps in reaction, Apple announced a number of environmental commitments concerning its new products at its launch event on Tuesday, including the first-ever carbon neutrality for the new Apple Watch line.

It will also increase the amount of recycled materials being used in batteries and other parts of the new Watch and iPhone.
The company also confirmed it would no longer use leather in any of its accessories and pledged to become carbon neutral as a business by 2030.
Apple boss Tim Cook said the new iPhone 15 range included the "best and most capable iPhones we've ever made".


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