Tiwa Savage, the sensational Nigerian music icon, recently sent shockwaves of excitement through her fans' hearts with a much-anticipated announcement on her Instagram page. In a mesmerizing post, she revealed her newest musical masterpiece titled “Pick Up,” an enchanting amapiano love song set to captivate the world. 

As the news spread like wildfire, her loyal fan base could hardly contain their anticipation. Eagerly awaiting the arrival of “Pick Up,” they had started pre saving it, imagining the magic that the song would undoubtedly weave. For, Tiwa Savage has long been renowned for her ability to infuse soul-stirring melodies with heartfelt lyrics, creating a musical tapestry that resonates deep within the hearts of her listeners. 


With “Pick Up,” she is sure not to disappoint but rather explore the vibrant realms of amapiano, an infectious genre originating from South Africa that has taken the global music scene by storm. Furthermore, this track seems to be produced by TG Omori, it also has 2:30 by asake intro fusing and rhythmic beats. The amapiano with her signature style, intends to craft a love song with both English and Yoruba language infused. 


As the title suggests, “Pick Up” promises to be a melodic embrace, a diffusion of love that envelops listeners in a warm, euphoric aura. Her voice, characterized by its seductive power and emotional range, is poised to serenade souls and ignite passions, while the amapiano inspired instrumentation will lay a pulsating foundation for this musical odyssey.



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