The highly awaited song “Pray” by the outstanding musician Bnxn Buju is scheduled for release on May 11. This will cause a new wave of excitement in the Nigerian music business. Fans are excited to hear what Buju has in store for them after hearing the buzz the song has already generated. 

According to sources, “Pray” is an inspirational song that inspires listeners to have confidence in their goals and to believe in themselves. The song is anticipated to have a distinctive Afrobeat and R&B feel that will appeal to listeners around. 


The fact that a portion of the “Pray” music video was shot in Jerusalem, one of the most renowned cities in the world, added to the excitement. The highly sought-after TG Omori, who is renowned for his innovative approach to music videos, directed the video. The song's overall appeal will undoubtedly increase thanks to the anticipated masterpiece music video, which will highlight Jerusalem's beauty and historical significance. 


Bnxn Buju, who has long been making waves in the Nigerian music scene, is poised to advance his career with “Pray.” The song is projected to perform well in terms of streams and downloads because of the high expectations of the fans. 


Finally, Bnxn Buju's song “Pray” has the potential to revolutionize the Nigerian music scene. The song is likely to inspire listeners with its motivational message, distinctive melody, and breathtaking music video.


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