Nigerian actress, director, and musician Bukunmi Oluwashina. She was born in Ekiti State, Nigeria, on May 7, 1990. Bukunmi, who has received numerous honors for both her acting and music, she is well recognized for her parts in Yoruba cinema. 


She warned men against divorcing or breaking up with their partner who became pregnant as a result of extramarital affairs on her Instagram page. 

Men should create their homes and families and welcome the child with love because they are the family's leader, she said.

She instructed them to forget, forgive, and stand up for their women. If they decide to leave their unfaithful relationship, she indulged their notice to a fact that their next partner can be worse. 


Men, you guys need to safeguard yourselves. You won't always claim you're available when a lady phones to say she's coming. Do you have to be available? Give yourself some credit; these ladies will only let you sleep with them before leaving you. Even just once, say you're not at home. 


It's inappropriate to announce a breakup after your girlfriend inadvertently had a sexual encounter with your friend. She is your girl; fight for her. What if she forgot the fact that he is your closest friend? I belong to the gender that forgets things easily. If your wife inadvertently slept outside with someone and became pregnant, just forget about it and go on. Every child is a blessing. Everyone makes errors, so accept the kid and work to improve the family. 


Given your position as the family's head, you should complete your assignment. Do you intend to dump your girlfriend for the new guy?  Fight to protect your girlfriend and your home. Do you know whether your next companion will sleep with your brother if you break up with her? 


She also urged them to pray for their cheating partner in her caption. 



She wrote; If your wife is sleeping around, please pray for her. Enter the war room. It might be spiritual. She might be going through a lot. What God cannot do does not exist.


Make e no be like say nobody dey advice men.



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