In a recent interview with the host of Echo Room, Ric Hassani revealed some exciting news that has fans buzzing with anticipation. During the interview, which was later posted on the official platform of Echo Room, Hassani disclosed his plans for an upcoming collaboration with the renowned artist Portable. 


The revelation came as a delightful surprise to fans. While details about the track were not disclosed, the mere confirmation of a collaboration between Hassani and Portable was enough to ignite excitement and curiosity. 


Echo Room, known for hosting engaging and insightful conversations with industry professionals, provided the perfect platform for Hassani to share this exciting news. The interview showcased his enthusiasm and eagerness to explore new artistic ventures, leaving fans intrigued about what the collaboration might entail. 


As the news spreads through the official platform of Echo Room, fans are eagerly awaiting further updates and announcements regarding the highly anticipated track. The combined talents of Ric Hassani and Portable are sure to result in a musical masterpiece that will captivate audiences. 


It's an exciting time for fans, and the anticipation is only growing as they eagerly await the release of what is set to be an extraordinary musical collaboration.



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