Davido, the international music sensation from Nigeria, captivates listeners with his seamless fusion of catchy sounds and heartfelt vocals. He has transformed the African music scene with his distinctive sound and dynamic performances. After the release of his album “Timeless,” he gave several interviews. In one with “Equire Middle East,” a renowned media outlet known for its insightful coverage and analysis of various subjects ranging from politics and business to culture and lifestyle, he revealed a significant piece of information. 


The musician sat down with Esquire Middle East on a recent visit to Dubai to talk about his watch collection, love of music, and his ambitious plans. Those were his words: 


In December of this year, he'll have his Netflix docuseries available. 


He further said, “With Netflix, he has a movie coming out in December. “It is enormous. To be honest, this is the first time he is mentioning it. The show “David” is a documentary or docuseries about his life. This is inappropriate for me to discuss, but absolutely fine. 


It's comprehensible. Since he entered the Billboard charts, headlined significant international festivals, released his line with PUMA, and collaborated with performers from all over, the 30-year-old is the driving force behind a movement that has brought attention to West Africa on a worldwide scale. With the song “Hayya Hayya (Better Together),” which is one of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022's official songs, he got with the significant international Arab star AISHA. 


Fans are overjoyed to hear this wonderful information and cannot wait to watch the documentary in which Davido continues to make Africa proud and pace a way for other artists.




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