Nigerian stand up comedian AY Makun has finally spoken out about the rift between him and comedian Bright Okpocha ( Basket mouth)

The feud between these two goes way back to 2006, according to AY the rift was caused by an unpaid 30,000 naira which was the agreed amount for a fill in spot for Basket mouth at any of his gigs, especially weddings when he was too occupied by other gigs. 

AY revealed he had made efforts to reconcile with basketmouth, he made this known in an interview with Chude Jideonwo. He further narrated on how he tried to attend basketmouth wedding but could not as his Name was not included on the guest list but his wife's name was. ;

He narrated how he attempted to attend Basketmouth’s wedding b“When we arrived, my wife’s name was on the guest list, but my own was noticeably missing. I was looking at my wife, my wife was looking at me, and she said, let’s be going home since you are not qualified to enter.”

In another encounter, AY said he met Basketmouth in a club and approached him, hoping to reconcile but it did not yield any result.

“One day, Basketmouth was in the club with a glass of drink, so I walked up to him. I said: Bright Okpocha (He’s my senior colleague but my junior in real), how far my guy.

“As you can see, God has blessed us. You have a house in Lekki, I have a house. You have a child. I have a child. This thing that happened in 2006 guy drop am.

“And my dear colleague looked at me eyeball to eyeball and said, I’m a beast. I don’t forgive.”


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