A video has been circulating on Instagram, the popular photo and video-sharing platform, depicting a distressing incident involving House of Phreedah, a prominent socialite. On August 17th, 2023, House of Phreedah, who is known for her skincare business in Surulere, Lagos, was caught in a harrowing moment on the third mainland bridge as she attempted to take her own life. The video, now widely shared online, captured the tense scene as passersby intervened just in time to prevent the tragic outcome. 


This incident follows a recent development in House of Phreedah's personal life. Only a few weeks ago, news emerged that her husband, Damola, had separated from her, reportedly in favour of his alleged side-chick, Yemisi Fasawe. This unfortunate turn came merely two months after they acclaimed #10OM. The situation escalated when Damola, upon leaving their marital home, allegedly unleashed harsh insults, commenting on House of Phreedah's appearance and intimating issues of physical intimacy. 


Notably, their wedding in June 2023 painted a starkly contrasting picture of House of Phreedah's life. House of Phreedah's lavish wedding celebrations, which had attracted widespread attention. 


As the social media sphere buzzes with commentary on the incident, the public remains concerned about the mental well-being of the House of Phreedah. This situation serves as a stark reminder of the complexities, lies, authenticity and pressures that often accompany the lives of socialites, even amidst moments of apparent celebration.


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