Francia Raisa and Selena Gomez, -former bff’s have had a rather rocky relationship in the past two years with the media digging it’s investigative hands trying to get to the root of the rumoured famous fall-out between the two divas.

Things seemed to take a ‘dip’ years after Francia practically saved the Lose you to love me singer’s life back in 2017. The former had donated her kidney to help save her best friend’s life after being diagnosed with kidney lupus.

The two seemed thicker than thieves with Selena always going out of her way to appreciate the Grown-ish actress at public appearances.


However, a few years down the line, it seemed to the world that Selena had entirely forgotten about her ‘friend’.

During an interview with Rolling stone while promoting her documentary in 2022, the famed singer declared American singer Taylor Swift her “only friend” In the industry,  prompting a hurt Francia to unfollow her ex-best friend on instagram.

In that same vein, after the documentary’s release, the media was quick to call out Gomez on Francia’s absence from the project, citing her huge donation to her survival.


Interestingly, earlier this year, Francia’s father revealed that there was a huge altercation between the two friends. He claimed that his daughter stopped talking to the 30 year old singer because “she wouldn’t stop drinking”.


During the now viral interview, he was asked why his daughter wasn’t actively included in Selena’s highly-anticipated documentary, “Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me.” He simply pit it on money and fame corrupting Selena. 


He further explained the duo had a disagreement over Gomez’s drinking habit. Apparently, Francia had issues with her friend’s drinking causing stress to the organ she so willingly donated.


In a recent on-the-run-interview with TMZ, Francia was asked about her relationship with selena Gomez but evaded the topic in what many have interpreted to be shady.

She kept dodging the questions, possibly in an attempt to avoid facing the brood of online trolls speculating on her friendship with her former Disney star friend or possible because their relationship at the moment isn’t peachy.

Either ways, one thing is sure, we’ve heard Francia’s father's part of the story and Selena’s isn’t forthcoming. Refusing to give a direct response about their relationship, fans are still heavily concerned about the duo. 



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