Fuel Subsidy: Zulum Releases 80 Luxurious Buses, Pick-up Vans To Farmers




The Borno State Governor, Babagana Umara Zulum, on Tuesday, released 80 buses and pick up vans for free transportation of farmers from their communities to farmlands, In order to reduce the high cost of living caused by fuel subsidy removal.


The 80 vehicles will include 50 deluxe buses from the fleet of the Borno Express Corporation, a state-owned transportation corporation, as well as 30 pick-up vans hired and donated by the state government.


“Due to the removal of fuel subsidies which although has a long-term benefit, the cost of transportation has increased. Therefore, the Borno State Government has decided to provide 50 buses (and 30 pick-up vans) to convey farmers to their farmlands this rainy season”, Zulum said.


Meanwhile, Governor Zulum asked thousands of farmers to work with military, police, and other security services stationed on roadways to protect civilians, particularly the farmers, who travel to the periphery to access their farmlands.


“I want to urge you (farmers) to give maximum support and cooperation to the Nigerian Military. They (soldiers) are here to protect you”, Zulum said.


The governor thanked the military for their sacrifices in safeguarding Borno's people, which has now enabled farming activities throughout the state.




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