â–ª Femi Falana's response to Falz attitude towards government

Why my son embarrasses the government - Falana

Human rights lawyer and activist, Femi Falana SAN has made a revelation to why his son, singer and lyrical artist Falz always channel his tunes towards the government and it leaders.

He made this statement on 2nd April 2023 in an event where someone told him to tell his son to stop embrassing the government. He responded "which government? You mean that boy who is an adult? Can I give you his number so you can talk to him? But be careful because when that boy was growing up, I was being arrested from time to time. So, the only language he understood was detention, arrest and the rest of them."

According to him, this chain of events made the son develop apathy towards the government. He further made an example of an instance of the boys childhood when he was arrested.

One day, when that boy was six, he asked his mother, “Our teacher taught us that only criminals were arrested. Is my father a criminal? Why is he always being arrested? And the mother had to say that in Nigeria, under the military, only two sets of people were arrested: Criminals suspects and political suspects.

Falz have over 5 of such songs, songs that tell the story of the shady actions by the people elected in power by the masses


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