Shallipopi, the rising star in the music industry, is currently capturing the spotlight with his sensational hit song that's been dominating the charts.

His renowned tracks like Ex-Convict, Elon Musk, and Obapluto. Shallipopi's music has created a buzz that can't be ignored. 


Recently, he sat down with the podcast host Osikoyaspeaks for an insightful interview that shed light on the origins of his catchy song, “Elon Musk.” During the interview, Shallipopi addressed the intriguing line “Evian,” which has sparked curiosity among listeners. He shared that the term isn't as profound as some have speculated; rather, it's a tribute to his grandfather, whose name was Evian. This familial connection became a simple way for Shallipopi to honor his heritage within his music. 


However, the revelation didn't come without its share of controversy. Given that Shallipopi's father is known to be a native doctor, this unexpected insight into his lineage raised eyebrows and skepticism. The podcast conversation uncovered a fascinating layer of complexity to Shallipopi's identity, one that intertwined his personal history with the creative expression in his music. 


The term “Evian” itself holds multiple interpretations. While Shallipopi revealed its connection to his family, he acknowledged that the term's meaning has additional connotations. Generally, “Evian” is associated with the idea of being a lucky charm, a symbol that attracts financial fortune—similar to the concept of “Juju.” 


Shallipopi's interview with Osikoyaspeaks not only gave fans a glimpse into the inspiration behind his hit song but also stirred discussions about cultural backgrounds, symbolism, and personal narratives. 


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