Drama As Ministerial Nominee Dodges Question On Husband





Dr. Doris Uzoka, one of President Tinubu's nominations for a cabinet position, caused controversy on Wednesday by avoiding a question about her spouse.


Imo State-born Uzoka had previously introduced herself and given a rundown of her accomplishments.


The former doctor who is now a banker took her time to answer the questions, but she dodged the inquiry on her spouse. 


However, Senate President Akpabio let his colleagues know that he had certain questions for the nominee and that she would answer all of them as opposed to some who requested that she be allowed to "take a bow and go".


“I don’t think her CV is complete; I think some pages are missing because I haven’t seen anything on family life. The name of her father, mother, the name of your husband, and how many children.”


Responding, the nominee said, “Permit me to start with the last question. I was born to Mr and Mrs Uzoka. I have a lot of children actually; a lot of them are biological and not biological. I’m responsible for a community of people, both women and men. I’m glad to be of service to my community.”


The plenary erupted with sounds of laughter but the nominee who smiled went on to respond to other issues raised, while apparently trying to evade comment on her spouse.




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