Abdulsalam Suliyat Modasola, more commonly recognized as Liya, a renowned singer and songwriter, recently made a momentous announcement about her departure from Davido Music Worldwide (DMW). In an interactive Q&A session with her devoted Instagram followers, the Melo' sensation disclosed this significant development.


When a fan inquired, “Do you remain affiliated with DMW?” Liya candidly replied, “No, I am no longer with DMW. However, I will forever be a proud member of #30bg.”


It is worth recalling that Davido, in the eventful month of October 2020, bestowed upon Liya the honor of becoming the first female artiste to join the ranks of his esteemed music label, Davido Music Worldwide.


While this split may come as a surprise to many, it is essential to view it as a natural progression in the dynamic world of the music industry. Liya's decision to part ways with DMW undoubtedly opens up new avenues and opportunities for her artistic journey.


As Liya embarks on this new chapter in her career, her fans and the industry at large eagerly anticipate witnessing the evolution of her musical prowess and the distinctive path she will carve for herself beyond the confines of DMW.


The legacy of her time at DMW will serve as a stepping stone towards her artistic growth, and the #30bg allegiance symbolizes her undying appreciation for the values and experiences gained during her tenure at the renowned label.


In conclusion, while Liya bids adieu to DMW, the future holds great promise for this talented artist, and her fans remain staunchly supportive as she ventures into exciting and uncharted territories within the realm of her passion for music.


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