Numerous celebrities, particularly in America, have already filed for divorce this year. From Sofia Vergara, Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, and an enormous number of other celebrities.


Nollywood actress Dayo Amusa has given her opinions on marriage and what it implies in light of the huge number of divorce cases that are increasing daily.


In a lengthy statement on her Instagram page, the actress observed how many people have mistaken expectations about marriage because they think it would end their loneliness.


Dayo believes that a spouse should fulfill their partner instead of trying to satisfy their own demands.


She underlined that because marriage is such a big commitment and shouldn't be entered into hastily, it is not for everyone.


As one cannot offer to another what they do not possess, the movie star emphasized the importance of loving oneself.


"I sometimes question whether marriage is necessary. I then realize that not everyone will find it appealing. One of the most significant choices we make in life is who we will marry. Recently, however, the idea of marriage has changed as a result of the increasing rate of divorce and separation as well as the partners' development of aggressive strategies to stop their union. Oh very sad, ni.


You will have too many irrational expectations if you believe getting married will end your loneliness. Your partner is not intended to complete you, to satisfy all of your needs, or to carry all of your burdens.


Some folks just want to be single, and that's fine. Marriage is not for everyone. But even those who are in fulfilling relationships shouldn't always rush to the altar. A significant commitment is getting married. I think so because you're pledging to spend a lot of time together and because there is the till death do us part clause, which really shouldn't be brushed aside rara. However, some of us are unsure of the party we want to attend, and that's okay. Not every couple should get married.


Even if you're prepared to dedicate yourself to just one person, you don't have to do it in a white dress with tons of papers. Different people may see commitment in different ways.

For some people, marriage is the best course of action, but it might not be the best fit for others. Give yourself time to make a choice.


Don't give up on yourself for other people; love and accept yourself for who you are.


You cannot give away something you don't have.




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