Davido had an interview with +44podcast on the 16th of April 2023, and he shared some details about himself; 


He claimed that he now only uses his social media accounts for commercial purposes, and he continued by stating that he does not wish to disclose any private information on his social media pages. 


He declared I've been a great fan of technology ever since I was in school, ever since the days of MySpace and HiFive.

Normally, I create pages for folks on MySpace and submit my songs there. So, in addition to music, social media is another aspect of who I am, and I utilize it frequently. I used to urge artists to participate since it provides a platform from which fans can watch.


However, he also spoke about how his name has opened many doors for his family. 

“Yes, my father is wealthy, but material wealth is not everything. Being Davido has undoubtedly opened a few opportunities for my family. Because I far exceeded their expectations and broke out.” 


He spoke about his “Timeless” album being leaked out because it ought not to be out as when it came out. Although, before the time it came out, he had already called one of his guys to talk to his fans not to bash people/celebrities due to the occurrence of his last album that came out. Nicki Minaj had to call him because they bashed her too, he does not want such an occurrence to happen again. 


In conclusion, Davido is an outstanding artist who is down to earth and his album “Timeless” is the anthem for the season. 


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