Renowned singer and owner of a record label, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, has taken a significant step by removing a short clip from Logos Olori's new single `Jaye Lo' video, which had sparked controversy. The clip, initially shared on Twitter and Instagram depicted individuals praying and dancing in front of a mosque, leading to widespread criticism and accusations of disrespect towards Islam. 


Initially, Davido seemed to brush off the criticisms, but as the pressure mounted, he eventually made the decision to delete the contentious video from his Twitter page. The move was likely an attempt to address the concerns raised by many, who called for an apology to the Muslim community for the perceived insensitivity. 


Although the video has been taken down, Davido is yet to issue an official apology to Muslims at the time of this report. The absence of an apology may continue to fuel discussions and public sentiments surrounding the incident. 


Furthermore, the controversy has also raised questions about the official music video for the song `Jaye Lo.' It is suggested that the video may undergo significant changes, and a different concept could be adopted based on the feedback received. This signals a realization on the part of the artist and his team that their creative choices can have profound effects on various communities and belief systems, necessitating a more thoughtful approach in the future. 


In conclusion, Davido's decision to remove the controversial clip is a step in the right direction, reflecting a responsiveness to the concerns of his audience. 


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