The controversy surrounding Davido's promise of 20 million Naira to entrepreneurs has been a subject of intense debate on social media and beyond. The popular Twitter controversial figure, Daniel Regha, expressed skepticism about the singer's claims of donating millions to charity, pointing out the lack of evidence to support such statements. Additionally, a typo in a reported “$237m Naira” donation amount further fueled doubts about the authenticity of Davido's philanthropic efforts.


Regha's criticism extended to Davido's failure to fulfill the promise of 20 million Naira to entrepreneurs, an assurance made a year ago. This delay has raised doubts about the singer's credibility and commitment to his promises, leading some to question the sincerity behind his philanthropic endeavors.


In response to the controversy, Davido released an official statement through The David Adeleke Foundation (DAF). The statement announced a donation of 237 million Naira to orphanages throughout Nigeria, benefitting thousands of underprivileged children. According to the statement, the distribution of funds was supervised by the DAF Disbursement Committee, led by Mrs. Titi Adebayo. The foundation emphasized its commitment to helping the less privileged and highlighted its previous charitable works that had improved the lives of countless children.


Davido clarified that the DAF was founded in 2022 with the aim of consistently assisting others and creating a robust framework for charitable works in Nigeria. The foundation's success in raising millions of Naira and distributing funds to numerous orphanages further solidified its dedication to its mission.


While the statement provided evidence of the significant donation made to orphanages, it did not directly address the delay in fulfilling the promise to entrepreneurs. As a result, the controversy continued to linger, with supporters and skeptics of Davido sharing their opinions on social media and various platforms.


In conclusion, the controversy surrounding Davido's philanthropic efforts remains a topic of interest and debate, with both supporters and critics expressing their views on the matter. While the recent donation to orphanages showcased the foundation's commitment to helping vulnerable communities, the unfulfilled promise to entrepreneurs has led to doubts about the consistency and transparency of Davido's charitable actions. The situation calls for further transparency and accountability from the artist and his foundation to address these concerns and maintain the trust of the public.


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