Calls for a new government poll are absurd. Ogun APC informs PDP and Amosun

The PDP and one of its major supporters, former governor Ibikunle Amosun, have been labelled "sore losers" by the Ogun State chapter of the All Progressives Congress in response to reports that the PDP has requested a rerun of the state's recently concluded gubernatorial election.


In a statement issued on Sunday in Abeokuta, the APC said that such a despicable call, which came just a short while after the Independent National Electoral Commission announced the results, "could only have come from people who knew of their electoral loss well in advance." Tunde Oladunjoye, the APC's state publicity secretary, agreed.

The statement read, “It is unfortunate that we have to react to this baseless demand purportedly from PDP but intriguingly published by one of Amosun’s lackeys even when major newspapers are yet to report or give details of the governorship election results.

“The just retired former political gladiators should first go back home and drink water and relax even as they lick their wounds. With their failure at the polls, it is still appearing to them as a dream because it is unbelievable to them that they could lose the election despite the humongous ill-gotten wealth and violence that the grandstanders displayed and deployed.

"It is a great shame, a glaring disrespect for the dead, and an acute moral deficiency for Ladi Adebutu, the PDP's governor candidate, to involve the name of his late mother in record-breaking electoral bribery; the scale of which has never been witnessed in the annals of politics not only in Ogun state but also in Nigeria."


The APC noted that while it is charitable to establish a foundation in one's late mother's name, it is "most uncharitable, unacceptable, and ridiculous" to use such an otherwise good gesture as a means of voter incitement. The APC cited the case of the PDP agent arrested in Ado Odo-Ota by the agents of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.



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