Nigerian Afro-fusion artist, BNXN, formerly known as Buju, has been airing his unfettered views on artists and related topics in the industry recently and his latest revelation concerning his beef with Asiwaju crooner, Ruger has left many mouths gaping.


From crowning Burna boy as the best musician in Nigeria to his appraisal of Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie, the young pop star has been dishing his hot takes all week.


BNXN recently revealed that the infamous beef between him and his colleague, Jonzing world's Ruger is just a "game".


In a recent interview with Pluzz 89.9 FM, the afro sensation said they both have a "cool" relationship while admitting that it was initially a problem of ego.


He said he is a fan of Ruger’s music.This came as shocking to fans of both artists as the two acts are known to have been throwing banters and jabs on the media for a year now.


The Finesse crooner relayed the effectiveness of good PR in the music industry.

"It is difficult for singers to rely on just their music".

Adding that controversy promotes longevity for establishing artists in the industry.


"You need to understand that first we are all young. And a lot of time, some people’s ego got attacked sometimes. So, it’s not necessarily like anything. It happens," the singer buttressed.


“Those things like I said, are part of the game. I tell you this for sure, we [Ruger and I] are cool because on a level he’s doing his thing and I’m doing my thing. I love his music for what it’s.


“But, in this game for longevity, you have to have a personality. You just need to have a personality. They gotta know you for something. You can’t just ride with music. You can try but you can’t just ride with music.


“There just had to be like your supporting persona so people can know you for something [other than music],” he added.

Many are wondering now if industry beefs between Nigerian artists are all part of a script or they are often as real as they appear to be.



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