Kamala Harris the Vice President of the United States of America has released a curated travel playlist
for her tour of Ghana, Tanzania and Zambia.
Kamala Harris titled the playlist “My travels: Ghana, Tanzania and Zambia” and an addendum
underneath the title explains that the playlist seeks to “amplify the artists and sounds from my travels.”
The U.S. vice president arrived in Ghana on Sunday (March 26) for the start of her first trip to Africa
while in office. She will also visit Tanzania on Wednesday and Zambia on Friday before returning to the
US making her tour in sum up to a week in Africa.
The curated playlist features Ghanaian artists like Amaarae, Moses Sumney and Black Sherif also
Tanzanian artists like Harmonize, Zuhu and Alikiba and notable Zambian artists like Chile One Mr.
Zambia, Yo Maps and Chef 187. It also includes songs from Ria Boss, T’neeya, All My Cousins, Jay Melody
and lots more.
Her post on Instagram stated:
I am releasing a playlist featuring the artists from my travels across Ghana, Tanzania, and
Zambia, including many of the Ghanaian and Ghanaian-American artists I met today like
@blacksherif and @amaarae. 
-Vice President Kamala Harris(@VP) March 27, 2023
See and listen to the Full tracklist below :
1. All My Cousins, “Act a Fool”
2. Moses Sumney, “Me in 20 Years”
3. T’neeya, “Pretty Mind”
4. Amaarae, “Reckless & Sweet”
5. Herman Suede, “Kumbaya”
6. Moliy, “Ghana Bop”
7. Ria Boss, “Call Up”
8. Harmonize, “Single Again”
9. Chile One Mr Zambia, “I Love You”
10. Black Sherif, “Kwaku the Traveller”
11. Jux, Marioo, Papi Cooper & Tony Duardo, “Nice (Kiss)
12. Zuchu, “Utaniua”
13. Yo Maps, “Aweah”
14. Alikiba, “Mahaba”
15. Jay Melody, “Sawa”16. Mbosso feat. Costa Titch & Alfa Kat, “Shetani”
17. Sarkodie feat. Black Sherif, “Country Side”
18. Platform Tz & Marioo, “Fall”
19. Darassa feat. Bien, “No Body”
20. Chef 187 & Blake, “Nobody”
21. Kuami Eugene & Rotimi, “Cryptocurrency”
22. Coolguy Pro, “Cherry”
23. Marioo & Abbah, “Lonely”
24. M3NSA, “Fanti Love Song”
25. Baaba J, “Lumumba”


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