Nigerian businesses woman, reality TV star, TV host and Big brother Naija alum, Maria Chike Benjamin popularly known as Maria has recently revealed that she battled supernatural forces and encountered spiritual challenges following her exit from the Big Brother Naija house, stemming from her participation in the reality TV show.


The 29 year old reality TV star, - who was a fan favourite during her stay on the Big brother house but in one of the biggest twists on the show, was evicted “unfairly” according to fans, spoke to The Cable in an interview shedding light on the paranormal troubles she faced after the show that in turn brought her ‘closer to God’.


“Since coming out of Big Brother, there have been a lot of spiritual struggles or challenges, and that just made me get closer to my faith and obviously to God,” she stated.


This revelation is serving as an addition to the rumoured allegations that the Big Brother Naija show is currently more than ‘what meets the eye’.

Following the Big Brother Naija debut, there had been mixed criticism from viewers with people bashing not just it’s “inappropriate” sexual sceneries and wayward portrayal of the youth but some claiming that the show was affiliated with dark, spiritual forces.


Several pastors and religious bodies had condemned the show calling it demonic and addictive.


Really that in 2021, Gifty Powers a contestant on the second season of the reality show had openly called it satanic via Instagram, claiming to have “seen things”  during her time on the show.


“Big Brother Naija needs to be shut down entirely. I wish I knew what I know now. Big Brother Naija has kept lives in competition. Big Brother Naija is satanic,” Gifty wrote in a post on her Instagram story.


“Well, you can choose to believe me or not. What I have seen is something my mouth no fit carry. Everyone and their cross. I’ve said my own. The ball is in your court. Bye!” She shared.


The media had soon reacted to the revelation, with some wondering If there is more to what Mariah had shared during her interview.


The Tv host of ‘Healing with Maria’ laid emphasis on the significance of having a strong support system and a solid foundation in faith to overcome life’s obstacles while warning fans to stay clear of unhealthy comparisons with others, encouraging them to grow at their own pace. This also tallies with former stars of the show claiming that the show breeds unhealthy competition between youths.


With several controversies surrounding the hit reality show, many are on the lookout for more revelations from alums alike to confirm or deny the allegations made against the Big Brother house.


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