Atiku in ‘disbelief’ as U.S. Secretary calls Tinubu, pledges support to Him

The administration of President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu has the support of the United States of America. Nigeria should anticipate a positive and profitable relationship with the U.S., Secretary of State Antony Blinken assured Tinubu over the phone.


However, the development incensed former vice president Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party, one of Tinubu's leading election rivals, who expressed his displeasure on Twitter.


“I am in disbelief that Secretary Antony Blinken called Tinubu, a contradiction to the publicly stated position of the U.S. on Nigeria’s 2023 presidential election,” Atiku said. He added: “This is inconceivable, considering that America, as the bastion of democracy, is well briefed on the sham election of February 25.


“To give legitimacy to the widely acknowledged fraudulent election in Nigeria can be demoralising to citizens who have hedged their bet on democracy and the sanctity of the ballot.”


A democratic and peaceful Nigeria is essential to the United States as it is to Africa, the envoy said, promising to do his share to ensure and maintain good relations between the two countries.


Tuesday night's conversation between Tinubu and Blinken came to a close with pleasantries and a commitment to keep lines of communication open while preserving the close ties between the two countries.



When he took office on May 29, Tinubu vowed to improve Nigeria's democracy and foster goodwill. He also promised to get things moving and bring the nation together. He further committed to doing his part to maintain good ties with the US.


The newly elected president declared that strengthening democratic institutions and providing relief to the nation's most vulnerable and underprivileged citizens will be his top immediate goals. He also affirmed his resolve to uphold the people's interests and strengthen democracy in Nigeria.


Meanwhile, giving an account of the conversation, Blinken’s spokesperson, Matthew Miller, said: “Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken spoke this morning with Nigerian President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu to emphasise his continued commitment to further strengthening the U.S.-Nigeria relationship with the incoming administration.


“The Secretary noted that the U.S.-Nigeria partnership is built on shared interests and strong people-to-people ties and that those links should continue to strengthen under President-elect Tinubu’s tenure.”


“Secretary Blinken and President-elect Tinubu discussed the importance of inclusive leadership that represents all Nigerians, continued comprehensive security cooperation, and reforms to support economic growth.”




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