Anyone Thinking Tinubu Will Appoint Ministers Who Would Improve The Fortunes Of Nigerians Are Fools –Dele Farotimi





Mr. Farotimi made the remarks on Sunday during an interview with Rudolf Okonkwo on the internet program 90 Minutes Africa.


Dele Farotimi, an author, political activist, and one of the spokespersons for the Obi-Datti Presidential Campaign Council in the 2023 presidential election, has labeled those who assume that the suffering of Nigerians will improve after President Bola Tinubu appoints his ministers as fools.


The author of the book "Do Not Die in Their War" argues that Nigeria's ruling class has no stake in the country because all of their assets are located elsewhere. 


“They don’t have their houses in Nigeria, they hop on the plane and fly abroad to see their doctors when they have a common cold and their children don’t even school in Nigeria,” Mr. Farotimi asserted. 


“What is it about the APC and the Nigerian political ‘ruiners’ as a collective that would inspire anybody into believing that the worst that could become Nigeria’s president, a career criminal, is the one that would now appoint those who will lift the people he has helped to enslave out of their enslavement,” the political activist queried.


Tinubu has yet to appoint ministers nearly two months after being sworn in as Nigeria's president following INEC's contentious proclamation as the winner of the February 25 poll.


Some have expressed hope that once the ministers are in place, the government would begin to implement policies to alleviate the pain and suffering that citizens are currently experiencing. 


Mr. Farotimi, on the other hand, believes that such confidence is misguided because nothing positive can come from Nigeria's ruling class.


“Some of us knew from the beginning that Tinubu will be bad for the country. We warned everyone and people  listened. They fought to make sure that he did not emerge but he proceeded to force himself into the office and is proceeding to corrupt every strata of the society,” the author said.


Dele Farotimi also mentioned Peter Obi, identifying him as the rallying point of Nigeria's underprivileged and marginalized parts against the tyrannical ruling class. 


“Peter Obi has awakened the people to understand the power that they possess,” he said. “What we do with that power going forward is entirely on us.”





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