The statement released by the verified social media page @metroboomin has created a buzz among music enthusiasts and fans of the Nigerian artist, Wizkid, also known as Star Boy. According to the announcement, Wizkid's highly anticipated contribution to the Spider-verse movie soundtrack will be available everywhere on June 2nd. 


Wizkid's involvement in such a prominent project has generated immense excitement within the music industry and among his devoted fan base. Known for his unique blend of Afrobeat and international appeal, Wizkid has consistently pushed boundaries and made a name for himself on the global stage. Collaborating with renowned artists and producers, his contributions to the music world have garnered critical acclaim and success.


The Spider-verse movie, known for its groundbreaking animation and captivating storyline, has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. The inclusion of Wizkid's talent on the film's soundtrack further amplifies the anticipation for this highly anticipated release. 


As fans eagerly await the arrival of June 2nd, the announcement by @metroboomin has ignited a wave of speculation about what musical masterpiece Wizkid will deliver. With his melodies, energetic performances, and unparalleled creativity, there is no doubt that Wizkid's contribution to the Spider-verse soundtrack will leave an indelible mark on the music industry and solidify his position as one of Nigeria's most influential artists on the global stage.


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