Nigerian artist Raoul John Njeng-Njeng, also known as Skales, recently shared a candid account of a brawl he had with fellow artist Kizz Daniel at Timaya's residence in Lagos. In an interview with Beat 99.9 FM, Skales admitted his role in the incident, attributing it to his intoxicated state at the time. The incident occurred during a night of heightened emotions and misunderstandings. 


Skales expressed regret for his behavior, acknowledging that he was under the influence of alcohol and lacked control over his actions that night. He recounted how he offended Kizz Daniel with his words and actions, driven by anger and the chaotic atmosphere of the evening. Despite the altercation, Skales mentioned that he was not fully aware of the extent of his actions until the next day, when he learned from another friend that Kizz Daniel was upset with him. 


Realizing the gravity of the situation, Skales took the initiative to mend fences. He reached out to Kizz Daniel and offered a sincere apology, acknowledging his own inability to recall the specifics of their confrontation. Skales conveyed his remorse and expressed his desire to make amends, hoping to put the incident behind them. 


As a result of his efforts, Skales shared that he believes the rift between him and Kizz Daniel has been resolved. It highlights the importance of taking responsibility for one's actions and making genuine efforts to rebuild relationships. 


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